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When I send attachment externally like, gmail with AIP even though I have full control permission to recipient is not opening knows why?

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Do you need to keep the protection on the document after the email is opened?  If yes, this is possible when the recipient opens the document with Office 2016 C2R and a Microsoft account that's configured to use their Gmail email account..  For details, see


If you don't need to keep protection on the document after the email is opened, make sure you use the Encrypt-Only option and Set-IRMConfiguration -DecryptAttachmentForEncryptOnly $true.  For details, see

After opening the attached document when entering the email of gmail appears this error.


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Looks to me like the account they're trying to sign in with is locked due to attempting to use an incorrect password too many times. This would be the Microsoft account with the block, not their google account. Perhaps they were using their google account password not realizing it was their Microsoft password that was being requested?