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AIP, DLP, o365 Labels

Steel Contributor

Can someone point me in the right direction for information about:


  1. how existing documents are classified both on-prem, SharePoint Online, OneDrive (Azure Information Protection(AIP)? AIP scanner ? Auto-apply labels? -
  2. Are there unified Labels now? - so I only define the labels in AIP ? 
  3. What are my options  with DLP / data loss prevention when using AIP?
  4. What options for encrypting documents and mails from mobile devices when using AIP?

When using AIP and policies - is that it? - no need for doing it anywhere else? (AIP 'overrides' everything else?)

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Taen, you might want to look at this recent Microsoft Ignite presentation (recording & slides) on label strategy & roadmap (aka Microsoft Information Protection): 

BRK2006 - Use Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) to help protect your sensitive data everywhere,...

A good slide that paints the high level picture:

MIP starting today.jpg

Hi Christophe 


Thx  ;D 

Maybe I've missed something, but in that Session/Slides it's mentioned several times: 

M365, MIP, M365 Analytics...M this and that....


So a pre-req are a M365 E5 subscription? - and if I don't have a M365? 

I will not have the Unified labels option and the centralised Admin center and I still need to do the 'work' in Azure / AIP and Office365/labels or? 


The Admin centers shown in the slides are different from mine;
in My 'Office 365 Admin center' 


I have the:  

'Microsoft 365' Admin Center in the top bar - but in my 'Security and Compliance center' 
I have the 'Office 365' Security & Compliance Center' in the top bar