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Advanced Threat Analytics Update 1.5 is here !
Published Sep 08 2018 08:00 AM 400 Views
First published on CloudBlogs on Dec 17, 2015
Hello again folks! I hope you had a chance to read my last blog post about the GA release of Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA). Since then, we are working nonstop to extend ATA and bring you more innovation that will help you detect, investigate and protect your networks from advanced attacks. I want to use this moment and thanks all of our amazing customers , it’s very exciting and we appreciate all of the feedback we've received, and of course, to the ATA group for making this update so successful! Today, I'm excited to share with you that we are releasing our first update of Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics. The update can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center . The download can only be used to update existing deployments of ATA. For full update instructions see, ATA 1.5 Update Deployment Guide. We have also uploaded new builds of ATA that has Update 1.5 included, to the Evaluation Center , Volume License Service Center, MSDN , and MPN. This version can be used for new deployments or to updates existing deployments. These are some of the new capabilities included in Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics Update 1.5:
  • Faster detection times.
  • Improved support for small lab and PoC environments.
  • Enhanced automatic algorithm for NAT (network address translation) devices.
  • Enhanced name resolution process for non-domain joined devices.
  • Added support for data and product migration

  • Added ATA Gateway update status in the configuration page.

  • Better UI responsiveness for suspicious activities with thousands of entities involved.
  • Improved auto-resolution of monitoring alerts.
  • Additional performance counters for enhance troubleshooting.
  • Fix for “Sometimes gateway service stuck on shutdown”.
  • Fix for “Exception when parsing forwarded event messages from Splunk”.
  • Fix for "Center service fail to start".
In the next few months we are going to announce on some unique innovations we are working on, please stay tuned.   Thanks! Idan Plotnik (Twitter: @IdanPlotnik ) Group Manager C+E Security
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