Address Book in the Classify and Protect Menu Not Showing


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We are having trouble having the address book show up when we right-click a file and select "Classify and Protect". When we type an email address and select the address book button, nothing happens. Does anyone provide some insight on why that happens? See screenshot below.


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@MariaYacaman Which version of the client are you using?

Is Outlook running? Since the GAL button calls Outlook Outlook must be running for the button to work. 

Otherwise, can you open a support case? The AIP client logs should show the cause for any failure triggering the GAL window. 

@Enrique Saggese What should be the Office version and AIP client version we should have for this? 

The address book is not opening even after having Outlook opened.

We currently have Office version 1908 and AIP client version

@bali_tanmay You appear to meet and exceed the minimum pre-requisites for this integration to run, so everything should be working.

I would check if disabling any other plugins that may be running in Office in the same machine changes the outcome, some times plugins interfere with each other's workings. 

I suggest you open a support ticket to have this investigated. 

@Enrique Saggese Thanks for your response. Checked by disabling the add-ins. Still did not work. Would check if their is some issue from Outlook's end.

Are there any other probable factors that could affect this feature to not work? Like anything related to a specific environment that might be blocking it?

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@MariaYacaman I'm currently working through this exact same issue.  It's currently a know issue with Microsoft and the documentation seems to state it's not a supported but then goes on to provide a fix... It comes under Object Model Class, 4th issue down.


The fix is a simple 2 registry key changes:

Configure a prompt when a program accesses an address book by using the Outlook object model


Configure a prompt when a program reads address information by using the Outlook object model

0 is block, 1 is allow with messages and 2 is allow with no prompts.  I've gone for 2 as I found it was opening a security prompt in outlook but not jumping to the front so would be easily missed.


I've just completed the testing on this and about to have these put through our user story and change for deployment.


Hope this helps.