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I am working for an organization where we are establishing information governance policies for Microsoft 365.


We need to apply retention policies to some site and Teams categories, while som will be excempted for the time being. The adaptive scope functionality seems ideal to achieve this. The company uses an E3 license. Currently, the adaptive scope is available in public preview. From what I've read on adaptive scopes, however, this functionality should only be available with E5 licenses. Is this correct? And, if, so, why is Adaptive scope available in public preview when my license is E3? 

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As a rule of thumb, Microsoft does not enforce licensing requirements in code, thus many functionalities from "higher tier" SKUs are available without the corresponding license assigned. Which of course doesn't mean you can use them for free, it's still considered a license violation.
I see. But do we know for sure Adaptive scope will be within E5 licensing?
That's where they put all the "automatic" stuff, so I'd say it's a safe bet.
Yes, this is certainly an E5 solution.



OK. Thank you all for the feedback. So we shouldn't read anything into the Adaptive scope being accessible in preview on an E3 tenant? 

It could be that it's just there. Or, perhaps you have or have had an E5 Trial at some point?
Here's the official announcement;