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Adallom keeps you secure across all your cloud applications!
Published Sep 08 2018 07:35 AM 1,105 Views
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First published on CloudBlogs on Oct 13, 2015 by the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Team
At Microsoft we understand the world is changing. Your people are mobile, and more and more of your company data is in the cloud. We embrace this mobile first, cloud first world, and you see it in our products; for example, Microsoft Azure Active Directory supports single-sign-on from over 2500 Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and conditional access from across iOS, Android and Windows devices. We know that some of our customers are looking for even finer grained security, control and monitoring. We want our cloud customers to have enhanced identity-driven security capabilities, and that is why we acquired Adallom , a leader in the Cloud Access Security Broker market (CASB). Adallom makes it easy to keep your data safe in the cloud. With Adallom, you can use log analytics to uncover SaaS application activity, you can define and enforce cross-SaaS policy (so you can maintain control of your data), you can address auditing and reporting requirements (so you can see who did what, when) and you will benefit from threat protection (so you can identify and block suspicious behavior). With Adallom, you can move to the cloud with confidence knowing that you will have the right visibility, controls and protections to keep your data safe. At Microsoft we want to lay your foundation for the cloud. This foundation starts with Identity and extends to securing your entire cloud. To this end, we are 100% committed to securing all of your popular SaaS applications from Salesforce, to Box, to Workday, to Google Apps, to Office 365 and more. We don't want you to think that you need to go somewhere else to get the best solution for your entire cloud ecosystem. Microsoft is committed to taking Adallom, and its great people, and investing to deliver the best security for all of your SaaS applications. With that in mind, today we are excited to announce some new capabilities from Adallom that demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the CASB space. We are now a member of Box Trust , the security ecosystem of partners created by Box. As part of this we have added some new features to Adallom including:

  • External sharing control, suited to managing Box sharing, which allows you to empower your users while maintaining full control over how content is shared. With detailed and customized user notifications and a self-remediation process, end users are informed as to what policies are permissible and how to stay in compliance.
  • Full Content Encryption, with the ability to encrypt and apply rights management to existing, uploaded or downloaded data in Box, this solution helps secure and protect your sensitive data no matter where it goes. To encrypt the data and apply rights management we leverage our partner eco-system with solutions like HP Atalla IPC, Secure Islands, and Checkpoint Capsule allowing you to extend your existing solutions to the cloud.

As part of our platform approach and our partnership with HP , we now support HP Voltage SecureData encryption as an additional encryption option. We are also previewing a new connector for Workday that provides you with full visibility into Workday activity. As with all other applications, this visibility is fed into our alerting and anomaly detection engines and provides you with the actionable security insights that your security team needs to keep your critical company data protected. As always, we welcome your feedback and questions. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment on this post, and we hope this great technology from Adallom (that is now part of Microsoft) will make you more secure! David Howell (Twitter: @David_A_Howell) Partner Group Program Manager, Microsoft Security Division

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