AD RMS SDK 2.0 now available on MSDN Library site

Published Sep 07 2018 08:54 PM 91 Views
First published on CloudBlogs on Aug, 01 2012

Hi folks,

As we mentioned a few weeks back there is a lot of great work that is happening to support and enable AD RMS in the developer tools space.

In case you missed it, here is a link to where I announced the official release of the AD RMS SDK and AD RMS Client 2.0 .

The AD RMS SDK 2.0 enables developers to build applications that can work with AD RMS Client 2.0 to handle complex security practices such as key management, encryption and decryption processing and it offers a much more simplified API for easy application development. If you have tried in the past and found it difficult to build AD RMS-aware applications, we hope you will be pleased with the refinements and improvements that our 2.0 offering brings to the table.

And today, I'm further pleased to see that all of our latest content in the AD RMS SDK 2.0 is now published and available online in the MSDN Library site here: .

Hop over there and check it out if you like and feel free to pass the word on to any of your friends and associates who might be interested in developing AD RMS applications.


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