a PDF with Acrobat Sign can't be classified and encrypted by MIP?

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Dear All,


I know the password protected PDF can't be encrypted and protected by MIP. But if a PDF with Acrobat Sign also can't be classified and encrypted by MIP? Anyone has experience on it?




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Generally you see files that are password protected or already encrypted that don't work with MIP. Adobe sign is a bit different. As long as you have a default document, without encryption you should be able to classify it using MIP. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/information-protection/rms-client/clientv2-admin-guide-file-...

Protection mechanisms cannot be applied to PDF using MIP, as i understand from the link i provided.
Thanks for your reply here. That is also my assumption, that Adobe Signed file should have no conflict with MIP. However, I just did not find any artles to prove that directly. Neither Adobe nor Microsoft, and I do not have any Adobe Signed file can be tested