401 Error while connecting Azure web app with custom connector in PowerApps

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I have followed MS article to configure Azure AD authentication to my Azure Webapp (article describes with Azure function). In this web app I am having API which I am calling as https://mysite.azurewebsites.net/api/getNamesMethod. This is working fine if I don't have any authentication for my web app. Based on the documentation I have configured azure AD authentication by creating new app registration and secret. In PowerApps I have created custom connector and selected authentication as OAuth2.0 and provided necessary details. While testing it is giving 401 unauthorized exception. What I am missing in this configuration?


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@Mihir Yelamanchili   I'm seeing the same error, did you ever get it resolved ?

@123123123 Nope. Still waiting for answer. Raised ticket with Microsoft. They haven't provided solution yet. 

Hi there, this is a late reply. I got a very similar issue. I created a Function App and used a custom connector in PowerApp to connect to my functions. Also getting the same 401 error when I test the connector.

I resolved this issue by going to my Function App's Authentication setting (new version of authentication, not classic), edited the setting for Identity Provider, and changed Issuer URL and removed 'v2.0'.