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I'm looking across all my customers' tenant at the deprecation report and seeing various values in the "Agent" column, including some ones that surprise me. Does anyone know if Microsoft, or a third-party, has provided a table of what actions are needed for the the various 'Agents'.


e.g. I see:



So I had the latter explained to me. BITS it used by Outlook for OAB download, so that's likely Windows 7. So need to do the kb3140245 actions I guess.


The former is more confusing to me. That's Windows 8.1 with Office C2R. That platform should be all compliant, no?



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The platform having all the necessary controls to disable TLS 1.0/1.1 doesn't necessarily mean that they are actually disabled, so check for the relevant reg keys.


As for the "Agent" column, it can be anything really, it's fairly easy to put a custom string there. Generally speaking, you can use one of the many "user agent list" sites as a reference.

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Share my script for monitoring afectation after apply TLS deprecation:

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