SDS and existing teams

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I have questions about what happens with already existing teams in your tenant after you enable School Data Sync.


What will happen if I already have a class team with the same name that SDS tries to create?

Will I get an error or can you somehow merge a SDS created team with an already existing?

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Hi Christoffer,

Nothing will ever happen to existing teams when using SDS. It’s all based on GUIDs/IDs, the name can be identical as it’s just a displayname

Ok, so the next question then is if you somehow can merge an already created team with one that SDS creates?


For exampel if I'm not completely ready to setup SDS, but I want start a few teams. Can I later "merge" the team created by SDS so that in the future SDS manages membership and so forth? Removing the need to manage it manually? Or is my only option to manage them manually as long as they are manually created?

You can't later merge manually created teams as far as I know, but technically you could most likely setup SDS with just those few teams now and then when you're ready to go all in you could add the rest. This would however depend on your setup, we use CSVs which I could manually edit, if you use the APIs it would likely be up to the implementation of your SIS.