Remove teams and teams membership through SDS

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I have just created a full roster for my school during which there are number of teams which we will not use.

I tried to remove these teams in SIS files for SDS, it got synced but the changes didnt reflect, no teams nor any members were removed.


may I am not doing it the correct way, however the same when done in Apple School manager and ids are removed if not found in SIS files.

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@Aakhri_khayaal Did you do a Reset Sync?

@SPEYK_RBroer Yes, I've done that and no changes system prompts that IDs / created created in azure will not be changed.

@Aakhri_khayaal If all teams are still empty (not used by teachers and students), then you can expire the sync profile and archive the teams. After that you create a new sync profile and start over with the smaller group of teams.

@SPEYK_RBroer Yes agree, but sync doesn't not remove users from Teams already created through SDS.

@Aakhri_khayaal Correct, but you also want to delete the users? You don't want them provisioned to AAD for future use? In that case you need to manually remove them, I'm afraid. The teams can be removed through expiring the sync profile and a few steps afterwards as indicated when expiring the profile.


Actually I cannot expire the classes as they are in current AY, the approach which I am following is going to the team and removing all members and running a Powershell command to remove it from admin dashboard.

removing from Powershell removes it from section entry of SDS, though the team still remain in members dashboard.

had success with few teams and failure with few.