Cannot get student info from sds to update teams

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Hi Aaron-

Looking at the images you sent, it seems like SDS is syncing with your SIS correctly, but the group is not getting created in your tenant correctly.  

Are you seeing any errors in your SDS sync profile?  For example, if you chose to sync existing users, but those users do not in fact exist in your Azure Active Directory, that could cause this.

However, if the users do exist in AAD but are not getting added to the gorup correctly, then we would like to know about that.  Please open a help request at uservoice-  One of our support professionals should get in touch usually within a business day.  Feel free to reach back out to me here if there is any delay.




Matt McGinnis

Am I correct in assuming you select the 2017 year if you want to sync the school year 2017/2018?


I opened a call and received the following response...


 "I believe we have a bug with this issue and the engineers are working on it.  I do have your screen shot to give to them.  I will keep your ticket open and let you know when the fix is added in to production"


You are correct - 2017 for current school year. I'm glad you contacted support- they can best address the problem you are seeing and if it is indeed a bug your report will help them fix it quickly and get you notified first of a fix. Thanks!


Funny, I had the exactly same issue this week, pretty static groups, that had members for some weeks, suddenly were without any students, only teacher left, first I thought, there was some error in my setup, ( SDS sync is running daily, but the SDS files were not updated automatically). Several manual forced updates, full resync, synced only subset of full data, tried many different subsets, something in the end corrected this, no data lost. No idea, what happened, neither any idea, what corrected it, or did my manual actions actually correct anything, still like to blame myself, but now that I found a similar case here, makes me wonder, if it was me in the end, or not? 


Well, single case with one deployment, at the same time my other deployments (on other tenants) were ok.


Well, just FYI, no need for action.


Best Regards


Thanks for the report.  We have had some issues with Teams groups not updating, and (so far) have been unable to reproduce it in test environments to solve it.  If it happens again, the process to "force" the sync, which seems to be working for those affected, is to first pause your SDS sync profice, re-upload your CSV files, then unpause the sync profile.  Of course this is just to get you going again, this is not a solution.  To help us narrow down what might be behind the issue, if you see this issue again, please open a help request at uservoice (  Please provide all the detail you can such as:

  • What time was sync supposed to run
  • What time did you look for updates in teams
  • What names were not synced/added/removed
  • Are the names correctly synced when you look at the "organization" in the SDS Admion console?
  • Are the names and groups correctly synced in the Office 365 admin console?

Having this information will help us track down what may be causing this issue for some schools.