SUSE & Microsoft collaborates to provide SAP monitoring
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This blog is co-written by Christian HolsingPrincipal Product Manager - SAP on SUSE and Sameeksha KhareProgram Manager - Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions 


Microsoft and SUSE have collaborated to enable high availability cluster (Pacemaker) monitoring within Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions (AMS). Customers can view cluster health based upon underlying node and resource statuses within the Azure Portal.


 High availability cluster telemetry is collected by configuring High availability cluster (pacemaker) ‘provider’ within AMS. As part of configuring the provider, customers are required to deploy ha_cluster_exporter on each of the cluster nodes. The ha_cluster_exporter is developed by SUSE as part of the new open source monitoring solution for SAP and is hosted on the Cluster Lab’s open source project.


SUSE and Microsoft are committed to serve our common customers and provide value to them through our growing partnership. In context of this collaboration, customers receive integrated support provided by SUSE and Microsoft with just one ticket to solution.



Microsoft recently announced the launch of Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions (AMS) in Public Preview– an Azure native monitoring solution for customers who run SAP workloads on Azure. With AMS, customers can view telemetry of their SAP landscapes within the Azure Portal and efficiently corelate telemetry between database and infrastructure. AMS can be used with both Azure Virtual Machine and SAP HANA on Azure (Large Instances). AMS is an available through Azure Marketplace; it provides simple and easy set-up and maintenance experience.


With AMS, customers can currently monitor the following components - SAP HANA DB telemetry: Customers can collect and view HANA Backup and HSR telemetry, in addition to the infrastructure utilization data from various SAP HANA instances in one location with the Azure portal. Microsoft SQL Server telemetry: Customers can get telemetry from Microsoft SQL Server, can visualize and correlate telemetry data—such as CPU and memory with top SQL statements—and can also get information about ‘Always On.’ High-availability (HA) cluster telemetry: Customers can get telemetry data from Pacemaker clusters and identify which clusters are healthy versus unhealthy and correlate this with the health of underlying node and resource health.





SUSE has included the monitoring capabilities (including the ha_cluster_exporter) as part of the recent Service Pack 2 of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 15 (SLES for SAP 15). It is also backported to all supported SLES for SAP versions, it is available starting with SLES for SAP 12 SP3 and existing environments can also benefit from that.


As monitoring capabilities are part of the regular product, SUSE will provide full support to Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions customers in a seamless way together with the Microsoft experts. If customers want to extend their monitoring they can do so. The newly added SLES for SAP monitoring capabilities collect monitoring data not only on the operating system level but also provide data for SAP HANA, S/4 HANA, Netweaver, as well as the status of the High availability solution based on Pacemaker, latter is integrated with Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions.


SUSE plans to continue to enhance the capabilities even further – As the whole project is OpenSource and intended to be open in all directions, the integration of the component that provides the data – called Prometheus Exporter – can also be integrated with other OpenSource solutions based on Prometheus  and Grafana. SUSE is already shipping a full solution in combination with the SUSE Manager and the first customers are live already. For the next releases of the SUSE Operating system the intention is to build upon this foundation and provide additional features around log data analysis and aggregation, as well as alerting.


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