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Well hard to say since you are asking me on my first visit
@Seb_SL Welcome to your Excel Community! Let us know if you have any question.

@cuong First day using it but I would totally recommend it.


This resource is great source of real cases, what they are and how they could be solved. I could be wrong, but answers.microsoft.com is more close to ticketing system for people who have concrete issue and don't want / can't afford to open support ticket (I'm among them).


Very few questions here are without answers, mainly since they are articulated very abstract or require a lot of efforts to answer. 


The only problem is that's a bit hard to find the topic you are interesting in. "Search" functionality is not very advanced.


I agree to Sergei, this forum is really a great resource. 

I recommend it to people who speak English. However, an issue in this forum is, that it is sometimes slow - at least for me. And, what I would personally prefer, is that translations of posts would not be done automatically but I would have a button to launch a translation of post.



@cuong The people here in Excel Community are very helpful.  However, maybe I browse the site in a wrong way, and I found I cannot get familar to the site and I lose the interests to stay. 


You may try:


  1. Click "Formulas & Functions" in "More Resources"
  2. it loses the filter
  3. if you click "Show all topics", it not about "Formulas & Functions" only


Another case Steps:

  1.  Filter "Unanswered"
  2. Click "Read more >" of a discussion
  3. If I cannot help/I don't have interests, clicking the "Next Discussion" does not go to the next "Unanswered discussion"
  4. Everything in Excel Community is not linked with User actions.  I know the way I just browse, but not the site elements in Excel Community.