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We’re excited to start a new live event series called Live with Excel MVPs.  Every so often, we will have an Excel MVP and/or product expert host a live event working through the answers to frequently asked questions across our Excel community – in Excel.


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More coming soon


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need assistance with auto entry of date and time in a cell upon when you tab to the cell
Hi @alebeouf how are you today? I see you've also posted to the Excel space - thanks for that! Meanwhile we'll add your question to the list for the live event series. Thanks again!

@cuong , will you be posting other sessions in this thread? I've subscribed to this thread. Thanks for starting this series. Will it be limited to Excel MVPs only or is it possible you'd call on an MCT too?

@Chintan Patel how are you today?  Thanks for subscribing to this thread!  We will be adding more live events as we confirm our speakers.  We're starting with our MVPs, and I love your idea of calling on MCTs.  PM me and we can discuss further

This can likely be accomplished with a macro. I personally would not have it add date/time every time you hit the Tab key, but you can activate the macro that adds date/time to the current cell when you either click on the macro button in the ribbon or the Quick Access Toolbar, or best yet, with a custom shortcut key.

This can be easily created. Message me if you have any questions.