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%20click%20on%20the%20title%3C%2FSPAN%3E%3CSPAN%3E%20to%20learn%20more%20about%20each%20item%3C%2FSPAN%3E%3CSPAN%3E.%20We'll%20co!''s%20being%20edited%20by%20another%20user)

Hi - 

Thank you for sharing your ideas and suggestions! Your continued input and feedback help make Microsoft Excel better every day. 


The list below shows how you’ve helped improve Excel – click on the title to learn more about each item. We'll continue adding to this list. Subscribe to this post to get the latest update.



You can see the full list of suggestions that have been completed by clicking the links below:



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Thanks again for making Excel better for everyone through your feedback, suggestions, and contributions to the community.


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@Steve Kraynak , thanks for sharing. By the way, I guess this one Pull Current Stock Prices and Historical Data Into Excel also could be closed, it's still in Started status from Dec 2018.

Thanks for the update, @Steve Kraynak. Is good to see this changelog associated with UserVoice, so we can see better the dimension of that channel on the improvements. Do you have some information about these 2 suggestions below?



Thank you!

@Steve Kraynak 

Hi Steve,

Nice post. Does the Excel team incorporate the into its Road-Map for excel?
There are currently 6 product suggestions in the top 10 that have a status of "accepting votes".

Some of these suggestions in the top 10 have been open since 2015 to no success.

As you have indicated in your previous post the site doesn't currently capture what has been taken into consideration. Might I suggest that your team implement a similar approach to the product suggestions.

Where by each suggestion is tagged with a status of "Completed", "In Review", "Needs Votes".
This would then assist your team in focusing on some of the higher voted items, and would also provide more visibility to users.

It would also provide the visibility that you described of features your team has completed suggestions that "make excel better".



Are you able to shed any light on when the Conditional Formatting applied to named ranges is likely to be incorporated into future versions?
It would be great to understand where this is in the Excel teams Road-Map as it is one of the most voted items, has been open since 2015 and still has a status of "Accepting Votes".

I look forward to hearing from you.


I need help with a formula can someone advise me? I am not sure even on the function to use?


Better if you ask the question here using Start New Conversation button.

best response confirmed by cuong (Microsoft)


The best way to get help is to post your question in the Excel area, explaining the problem you need to solve. If you can provide an example, it will be easier for anyone who jumps in to try to help you.

Post your question here:

@Steve Kraynak 

Are you able to shed some light on what "not at this time" means?

This has been a product suggestion for almost 5 YEARS!
If "not at this time" when?


It is one of the most voted items not only in its category but across the excel suggestions.


Responding by saying "it's in the too hard basket" is not a valid response.

Please provide an ETA/road map of when you actually intend to resolve this product suggestion!

There is absolutely no point in users using the voting system of forum if they are simply going to be ignored.



@Steve Kraynak 

Peço desculpas se este é o local incorreto para postar isso, porém eu não sei utilizar este site.

Trabalho com séries de chuvas, e gereu uma série de datas no excel desde 1900 até 2020. Está série tem um dia de deslocamento. Descobri que o excel trata o ano de 1900 como ano bissexto, entretanto este ano nâo é bissexto, o que causa o deslocamento na série.

Corrigi o problema manualmente para meus estudos, porém este tipo de problema pode acarretar em erros para os usuários, já que o excel é um programa utilizado por cientistas, contabilistas e empresários no geral.

Utilizo a versão 2010 do Excel, e, apesar de saber que esta versão não recebe mais suporte da empresa, sugiro à Microsoft corrigir este problema em todas as versões em que ele apareça, porque se trata de um erro que pode ter repercussôes nos trabalhos dos clientes.




Rafael Silva Araújo





I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, but I don't know how to use this site.

I work with rain series and generated a series of dates in excel from 1900 to 2020. This series is shifted by one day. I discovered that excel treats 1900 as a leap year, however, this year is not a leap year, which causes the series to shift.

I corrected the problem manually for my studies, but this type of problem can cause errors for users since excel is a program used by scientists, accountants, and entrepreneurs in general.

I use the 2010 version of Excel, and despite knowing that this version is no longer supported by the company, I suggest Microsoft correct this problem in all versions where it appears because it is an error that can have repercussions on the work of customers.




Rafael Silva Araújo




Most probably this never will be corrected, please see details here Excel incorrectly assumes that the year 1900 is a leap year 

Oh really?

I can understand the disadvantages of correcting the error, but Excel creates the list with no error message despite the error being known by the company. This is unprofessional in my understanding.

People rely on this software to work and automate tedious activities, such as building a date list. If errors will be admitted in the software, they should be made clear to the user, for example with an error flag, to be manually corrected.

If I trusted the software I would have propagated an error through all my data, this is not a negligible thing.

It makes one wonder what other types of errors can be happening and are not displayed clearly.




Leap year issue is known for ages it continue to exist mainly due to compatibility. First with Lotus 1-2-3, now with all previous generations of Excel. To fix it now and break worksheets with different kind of workarounds which use millions of users - I don't think that's unprofessional. At least that's discussable. 


On Mac dates start from 1904, on Windows you also have such option. We don't consider as a bug that Excel doesn't work with dates before 1900 if except VBA, Power Query and different tricks.

@Sergei Baklan I think you misunderstood me. I didn't say that leaving this error in the program is unprofessional. I understand the reason the issue was not fixed by reading the link you sent me.

I was referring to the fact that the error was not flagged. I think it is not reasonable to assume the user is aware of an error without informing him. Even if it is a widely known error, because not every user is a specialist. 

Instead of simply generating a list with an error with no warning to the user, couldn't the incorrect cell be shown in red, for example, with a link to that explanation you sent me? That would have been sufficient for me and would have saved me some time searching for the reason for the series shifting. 

Nevertheless, my intention was solely to inform one issue I found. I am just an occasional user. I understand now that the error is already known to many.


Rafael Silva Araújo

@Steve Kraynak are you and Microsoft choosing to ignore my previous post and the product suggestion?


Not choosing to ignore. We have commented that we will not be addressing this at this time. To give a bit more detail about the complexity, compatibility with older versions of Excel is a big consideration here. Older versions would still only be compatible with having a fixed range in the Applies To field, so the Applies To range would need to be saved in the file in such a way that both old and new versions could deal with it properly. If someone with an older version saved the file, it could mean that the CF rule would be switched to the fixed range. Then if someone with the newer version opened the file, they may not understand what happened to the CF rule. Also, there can be Names that are dynamic, such as =OFFSET(Sheet1!$A$1,0,0,Sheet1!$B$1,1). If such a Name was used in the Applies To field, then the conditional formatting rule may need to be adjusted when the workbook is calculated. Depending on the complexity of the formula in the Name, this could have performance implications and there are many different cases that need to be considered and handled properly.

Complexity, risk of affecting expected behavior, and how older versions of Excel will deal with a change are important factors that we consider when making plans for upcoming engineering work, in addition to feedback and votes.

@Steve Kraynak 

Thanks for the response.
Do you believe 5 years (almost 6 years) is a reasonable time for one of the most voted items to not be resolved / addressed.

Don't get me wrong I appreciate there are likely many complexities. But 5 years is ridiculous to address the communities top suggestions / pain points.