Modern Excel webinar: Tips & tricks to help boost your productivity in Excel


Join Excel MVP Wyn Hopkins as he demonstrates a rapid-fire round of shortcuts, features and formulas that will speed up your daily use of Excel. From SWITCH to Dependent Drop downs, Grouping to Conditional Formatting, clever validation lists and even a few XLOOKUP tricks there will be something for everyone in this session.


Wyn is a director at the Australian company Access Analytic which provides amazing Excel and Power BI solutions to clients. He started his career as a Chartered Accountant with PwC in the UK and then began to develop his Excel skills as an analyst at 2 UK Banks before moving to Australia in 2007. Wyn is a trainer and developer utilising advanced Excel and Power BI techniques including Power Query, Power Pivot, DAX and VBA to build applications that help companies address their reporting, automation and analysis needs. He is an active contributor to the Excel Tech Community and LinkedIn. Wyn is co-author of the book Excel Insights published in 2020 with 23 other MVPs and was awarded MVP status by Microsoft for the 3rd year running in 2019.

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Where can we get the excel spreadsheet? @cuong 

Hi everyone, I am attempting to create an excel formula that will compare two cells (column A and B) and if the values on cell are a match it will indicate "Yes" on different cell and if not "No" on column C. I got that formula down (IF(B5=C5, "Yes", "No")), but am I also trying to include a third formula that will put term "Blank" if any of the fields on columns A and B of respective rows have no values. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.