Modern Excel webinar: Data cleansing in Microsoft Excel


Misspelled words, stubborn trailing spaces, unwanted prefixes, improper cases, and nonprinting characters make data analysis a real challenge. And that is not even a complete list of ways your data can get dirty. Join MVP Oz du Soleil as he shows us his top data cleansing tips & tricks in Microsoft Excel.



Oz du Soleil is a Microsoft Excel MVP and YouTube personality: Excel on Fire. His Excel videos are known for being bold, overly dramatic, sometimes brash; and his passion for clean data and effective use of Excel are always present. Oz is a course author at LinkedIn Learning, and he co-authored Guerrilla Data Analysis, 2nd edition with Excel MVP Bill "Mr. Excel" Jelen. Oz lives in Portland, OR; is a veteran of the US Navy; and is in a documentary about sriracha hot sauce, "Sriracha: a Documentary" by Griffin Hammond.





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