Wireless Adapter missing and not showing on a new HP laptop

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I bought a new HP laptop with Windows 11 installed. Worked beautifully for a day including connecting to my wireless network. The computer went to sleep when I had walked away. I come back and suddenly my wireless is disconnected. I look to see if I can connect again, the entire wireless network adapter is missing from the list of network adapters!!!!. I tried to reinstall the network driver (MediaTek in my case), but that didn't work either. I had to reinstall windows 11 from scratch to rectify it. The problem reappeared again today. I am frustrated - I restart my computer and Voila-the wifi network adapter appeared again!. This is so unreliable and frustrating because my laptop doesn't even have a port for connection to a network cable. If there is no wireless, the computer is pretty useless. Please help!

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I have a similar issue except it occured on an older laptop when upgrading to Windows 11 and happened instantly not after a day
Same thing is happening to me but a acer pc it started when I used driver booster