Windows Search is glitched


I had the windows search tab glitched, I can't interact with it and it bothers if it has content under the tab. It is this little square. 

Someone knows how to fix this?imagen_2021-11-26_194025.png

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@fumit99 I have the same problem all you got to do is restart your computer and it will be fixed

@fumit99 This has happened with me several times too, I am only able to fix it by restarting my pc, after restart its gone, but it comes again very often for me. The only possible fix for this right now seems restart, I Request Microsoft to fix this asap

It is very annoying it comes back occasionally for me as well but just restart the pc ig
and also do anyone know the cause of this problem? cause for me it just comes randomly or is it something else?
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I Found The Solution, Just Go To Task Manager And Scroll Down Until You Find A Program Named "Search" And End Its Task And The Square Will Be Gone!