Windows 11 - Xbox 360 wired controller causes games to freeze

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Yesterday I discovered something that I never saw since I installed W11: when I connect my USB XBOX 360 controller all my games crash when I press a key in the controller. Others crash just by the controller being connected. On top of that, the only way to forcefully kill the games is to close my user session or restart the PC. Task manager is unable to terminate the processes of the "crashed" games.

I've tested the same controller on my laptop, which currently has Windows 10 installed and some games. It worked normally.

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I have the same problem. I use a USB wired Logitech F310 Xbox controller. I tried it at first with Red Dead Redemption 2 then Fallout 4 later and the games (along with Steam) froze and the only way to kill them was to restart the computer. Using Windows 11 Build 22000.100.

same problem ! need update for driver...
I have the exact problem. If i plug or unplug and 360 accesories, the pc crashes.
I also have an Xbox 360 controller and have had this problem since I installed Windows 11.
If I use the keyboard and mouse inside the games, it is not a problem
But when I use the gamepad, the game sometimes freezes...
OS Build 22000.348
How do you even get the controller to connect? I got a play n charge and everything says it should just work but I've spent hours installing drivers and resarting nd everything

@Hanime1227 Sorry for the very late response. I have the wired controller so maybe that helps. Have not tested back the driver stuff again. This may help if your joystic is not recognized or the receiver (for the wireless joystic does not work)

Edit: I connected the controller and I see that I have a Driver from October 2021. I'll test the game that was failing back in July and report back