Windows 11 - Windows UI layering/sorting order is backwards.

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Display Scaling set to 200% as I'm using a 48 inch LG CX 4K TV as my display.

Custom Built machine - not Pre-Built

MSI B550I Gaming Edge Wifi Motherboard
AMD Ryzen 5-5600X CPU
32GB (2x16gb) DDR4-3600 RAM
Zotac Geforce GTX 1080Ti Mini GPU
1TB Intel SSD + 1TB WD MyPassport (External Backup) & 8TB WD MyBook (External Game Drive)

I turned on TPM in my UEFI/BIOS and upgraded to Windows 11 last night.

So far, I'm blown away by the snappiness of Windows 11 compared to 10. HDR is hassle-free, and my gaming performance increased drastically.

However, the shell of Windows 11's UI seems to have a backwards layering/sorting order. If I copy any files from one drive to another, the Progress Bar is displayed on top of all other windows, regardless on which applications are currently being interacted with.

This also happens with Windows Apps such as Settings, Teams, and standard Windows installers (.Net Redistributables, etc.)

They all launch BEHIND everything else, needing the app to be toggled twice in the taskbar before I can see it/interact with it. When I navigate to something else, like Steam or a web browser, the less-important windows are up front and center, permanently. This takes up a lot of center-screen real-estate, making it very difficult to get work done in other applications.

My Nvidia Driver version is 472.12, outdated on purpose, as Nvidia's newer drivers crippled performance on the 10-series GPUs during the chip shortage/scalper-inflation. These drivers are my most stable.

I should mention I installed StartAllBack to customize Windows 11's UI, but this incorrect layering order was present before I made the install. Symptoms were identical from the start.


Is there an easy fix to this? I love Windows 11, but this sorting/layering bug is annoying.

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