[Windows 11] Windows are changing monitors when screens turn off

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I currently have 3 displays as listed.

2560x1080 - Connected with HDMI

3440x1440 - Connected with Display port - Primary monitor

3840x2160 - Connected with HDMI


The issue I am currently having is when my screens turn off (after 10 minutes of inactivity) all open windows will get shoved over to my 3840x2160 monitor. No error codes are setting and display drivers are at the most up to date.

I was getting the exact same issue in windows 10 and was disappointed to find out that this issue still exists in windows 11. I'm currently running a fresh clean install of windows 11 so no settings or files were transferred between my os.


I'm quite disappointed this still exists and hopefully it can be resolved as it is quite inconvenient to have to move everything back over whenever I step away from my computer.

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