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Prior to Windows 11 I could dock taskbar where I wanted it to be (since I'm right-handed, it was right side of the screen). After installing Windows 11 taskbar is firmly attached to the bottom and there is no way to move it. Besides consuming valuable screen height it is also extremely inconvenient - a lot of operations now require moving cursor across the whole screen.

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Also if you're running more than one monitor you can't move the task bar to other monitors. Yes, it can be duplicated on all monitors but it doesn't fully duplicate it... it leaves out all the right hand icons and the clock.
In addition to consuming valuable vertical screen height, disabling support for right-docking change means that all of my reflexes are now wrong and my productivity has dropped by a small but significant-to-me amount since switching to Windows 11.

Please re-enable docking the task bar to the left and right sides.
Having passed the 10 day rollback period, I am actually contemplating a clean install of Windows 10--- SOLELY BECAUSE I CANNOT MOVE MY TASKBAR TO THE RIGHT SIDE. Not only is it confusing because I am used to the taskbar docking at right, it is INFURIATING that Microsoft removed the ability to move the taskbar from the bottom of the screen AS AN UPGRADE. It makes everything I do on the computer more difficult and unwieldy. Anyone who hasn't upgraded to 11 yet, I totally recommend not doing so. I actually will go so far as to say I'm probably switching to Apple just because Microsoft feels it can make simple display choices obligatory. For no reason. Cut the BS.
There are many 3rd party tools that you can use to make it dock to the left or right and it seems to be like due to sources that they are going to fix all of this in the Anniversary update!

This new taskbar was made with new modern code which didnt' support it yet.