Windows 11: Taskbar randomly appears and steals focus from fullscreen YouTube in Edge

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I upgraded my media center PC to Windows 11 and quickly discovered that when I'm watching YouTube in fullscreen with Edge, the Taskbar will randomly decide to appear and steal focus. The video continues playing and isn't moved/minimized/resized, but now I've got this big blue Taskbar sitting on top of it and any commands I send are directed to it instead of YouTube. This happens at random times (3-5 minutes apart) so I can't provide an exact set of variables to help reproduce the problem. I have tried turning on Focus Assist, and that did nothing, so it is not related to that.

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same thing is happening to me. let me know if you find a solution

This magically stopped happening - no changes to Windows or to Edge. Very mysterious.
I have same problem and i cant fix it . I appriciate if you tell me when you found the soulotion :folded_hands: