Windows 11 Taskbar and Start Button not working with multi monitor system

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Hello, I saw some related posts but most where still about some preview builds.

I have upgraded from windows 10 to 11, I have the newst updates installed (2021.10.13)

But I'am experiencing several issus with taskbar and start Button on my multi monitor system, which consists of 3 monitors. on the main monitor taskbar and start button are working properly. but not on my auxiliary monitors. I have set for the taskbar to hide automaticly, on my 2. and 3. monitor the taskbar wont come up.

If I not hide the taskbar, it's there but start button is not working, if i click it just once on one of the auxiliary monitors it stops working on the main monitor as well.


I couldn't find a solution to the problem 

is there some out there yet?

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The issue still persisits in preview build 22000.282

@SoundSeven8 I have the issue where mine will not UNHIDE on the 2nd and 3rd monitor.  Works fine on the primary.  Sometimes it works, but 80% it doesn't.  I haven't been able to find any pattern.