Windows 11 Stereo Audio Issues - APEX - PUBG - CSGO - VALORANT - FPS GAMES

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Greetings, just installed windows 11 and immediately found the first critical issue

When playing Shooting games i can't hear loud things that happend behind my back only anything that is in front of me my sides are not loud and my back is the least loud, kinda sounds like virtual surround or something but fiddling with any setting doesn't solve the issue

Multiple players have the same issue they posted it on reddit and i found a fix the only way this works is by unchecking "Enable Audio Enhancements" this disable the problematic setting behind the issue but also dissable amazing settings like Audio driver equalizer amplifiers etc we really need these to use on our gaming headsets

So please find a fix about it

Other solution (Use windows 11) wethere enhancement tab is on or off such issues never existed and we can use enhancements and equalizers

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I have the same issue described here.  Once I updated to Windows 11 and while playing PUBG, I can't hear anything behind me.  

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Don't waste your time with them i just went back to windows 10 and everything works fine install windows 11 in 2023 or something when they have it stable

I think Windows 10 is more suitable for me.

I upgraded my stystem to z690 -> 12900k.

The Bug is also on this system :(


@microsoft When do you deliver a solution???????????

2 days ago I will update my window and I will install the game They ask me to update the Window how to fix the issue because my window is up to date.