Windows 11 - Second screen not detected anymore after screens turning off for a while

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I'm running Windows 11 21H2 build 22000.194


Hardware is Dell G3 3549 with a GTX 1050Ti. Latest drivers.


Tested on three different monitors connected to the HDMI output, different manufacturer and specs, when they go into low power/off state from inactivity for more than 30 minutes, the second screen is not detected anymore. I have not found any other means to fix this other than rebooting.



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@GuiElia , mee too, 21H2 (OS Build 22000.318) - very disappointing!

Hey there, let me recap what I did so far, I stll get this issue but after installing these updates it's been way less frequent:

First thing I did was updating BIOS to version 1.17, Dell has since published newer versions, but for reference, this is the one I'm running right now.
Also, on Windows 10 I regularly use Studio Drivers in order to have a more stable experience, but these are usually far behind in terms of changes and upgrades. I've since switched over to the latest Game Ready Drivers, right now I'm on 496.76.

These two changes have almost completely solved this issue, it still happens, but quite less often.

Hi @GuiElia, thank you for the suggestion - after upgrading to BIOS 1.18.2, the issue no longer occurs.

@PaloMraz Happened today after a while without issues. Took a look at system logs and found event ID 4101 right around the time I came back to the office. I've attached a screenshot for reference.