Windows 11 second monitor lag with different refresh rates

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So this is a bug that happens occasionally, it might have to do with night light, but I'm not quite sure.


It is worth mentioning that it never happened on Windows 10 and its not some software issue, as the software has not been modified since changing the windows version.


My main monitor is a 144Hz display, my secondary one a 60Hz one.


System Specifications:


Razer Blade 15 Mercury Edition (2019)

Intel Core I7 9750H

RTX 2070 Max-Q

16 GB Ram

512GB M.2 nvme  SSD


Both the drivers and the OS are up to date.

The second monitor is an HP 24f.


Occasionally, the second monitor and the OS will start lagging for no reason at all (again it's not the monitor either), which gets even worse if you attempt to launch a graphically intense application such as a video game (RuneScape is used here to demonstrate that it happens on even less graphically demanding apps), even though the game isn't even launched on the display itself.


To demonstrate what I mean, I added the video below. Resetting the display adapter using Win+Ctrl+Shift+B doesn't help either, the only solution is a system restart. It's also worth noting that after this happens the CPU in an idle state is always sitting between 10 and 20%, where it normally would be around 3-7% on my system. 

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