Windows 11 - Search Mini screen is blocking Excell and I can't click on sheet tabs

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I upgraded recently to Windows 11 and noticed I can't click on some tabs on Excel when I maximized.

However, after some checking, it seems there is a small mini-popup screen above new Windows Log on task bar which blocks user to click on anything behind.  This squire mini-popup screen is transparent - so you have to pay attention to notice. This transparent squire box is blocking user interaction with application when application is located behind of this squire box. 


It needs to be fixed as it is a major productivity blocker.



After some checking and reboot - it seems this small transparent mini-window is from new "Search" on taskbar.  It could have been "Search" process was hung and blocked any app behind as it is forefront window to all.  After I reboot, and removed this search, it is working now.



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Two observations: Signing out and in again will also clear this popup and turning off transparency effects seems to stop this behavior. Both are workarounds of course.


Edit: Seems this is a know bug, found multiple posts with similar complaints.  Sems it is this mini search bar that sometimes pops up if you hover over the search button.  Other are suggesting to look for the MiniSearchHost process and kill it to get rid of the frozen popup.  See e.g. and