WIndows 11 - scaling on multiple monitors doesn't seem to work

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I have a laptop with a HD monitor (1920x1080), and 2 external monitors through a USB-c docking station. One of the external monitors is 3440x1440, the other is a 4K TV.


Needless to say, given the variety of resolutions I have - I need different scaling factors on each monitor - or else the text (and title bars/menus/icons) are huge on one monitor and tiny on another, and "just right" on the third. When I try to setup the scaling to different per monitor, Windows doesn't seem to allow it - instead choosing to scall them all the same (I'm using the 'custom scaling factor'). Whatever scaling factor I set for the last of my 3 monitors is what gets set for all three of them after I sign out.


I keep reading online about doing this by selecting the monitor, then setting the scaling factor for that monitor - but apparently I'm doing it wrong because they all get the same setting.

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