Windows 11 red taskbar icons persisting

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Hi there,

Not sure if I am the only one having this issue, but I couldn't find anything else so here I am.

Recently upgraded to Windows 11. Since upgrading a few days ago, I have consistently been having issues with the red taskbar icons. You know the status indicators you get on an app icon, where it shades the background red? Those ones. I use several applications that make use of this, but they keep getting stuck on red and refusing to clear. The only workaround I can find is un-pinning it and placing it back on the taskbar. This issue has been most prevalent using Discord, but it has also happened with Steam. Any suggestions for fixes would be most appreciated. Not like it's a huge deal, but the red shade is really annoying me:unamused:

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I'm seeing this too. Here's a gif of me trying to return to SSMS, but it takes 5 clicks to regain focus. Note the red pill under the taskbar icon. Not sure what this is trying to tell me. The app has no issues of user dialogs or anything.

I have the same problem too.
That's happening to me when I start debugging on Visual Studio

@soccostyles I am also having that exact same issue, specifically with Discord. 

I am seeing the same issue.  I use VS 2022 and SSMS for development and seems to be worse with those apps and switching windows.