Windows 11 Prolific PL-2303HXD Driver

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Windows update is installing the wrong Prolific driver for Windows 11.  Driver dated 09/16/2021 is a Windows 10 driver and is incompatible with Windows 11.  The Device Manager knows is the wrong driver and says "Please install corresponding PL2303 driver to support Windows 11."   If you install the correct driver, Windows Update will just replace it again with the wrong one.  The correct driver for Windows 11 Prolific PL-2303HXD is Version dated 08/11/2021.  The executable to install the correct driver is named:

"PL23XX-M_LogoDriver_Setup_v300_20210907" and can be downloaded from the website.  But Windows Update will have to be corrected for a permanent fix.

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YES -- I used PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_V1_12_0 from the Prolific site. It installs driver which works fine. Then Windows 11 keeps changing it back to !



Download the MICROSOFT TOOL that allows you to hide unwanted updates to prevent this from happening until Microsoft corrects the isssue.

Hello BobKoda,

The latest drive at Prolific site is "Windows 11 ( 64-bit ) WDF WHQL Driver: v3.9.1.0 (08/11/2021) / v5.2.2.0 (12/03/2021)". But the same problem; Win 11 installs v3.8.40 back even installing this new one. Here are the installation steps, I followed:
1. Uninstall device, when it is connected to the win 11 computer in Device Manager
2. Uninstall the older driver from Control Panel, "Uninstall a program"
3. Reboot the computer.
4. Install the newest driver: "v3.9.1.0 (08/11/2021) / v5.2.2.0 (12/03/2021)"
5. Connect the device. I get the "Please install corresponding PL2303..." message, and the device does not work!
6. I tried your suggestion to hide any installation for installing automatically, this driver was not listed!

So, what is the solution, until MS loads s the right driver?
With Microsoft overwriting the drivers that work there is nothing users can do except to keep loading a working driver everytime you need to use your serial port. Thank goodness Prolific has provided drivers that work! I was hoping Microsoft was watching the problems that are being reported.

Hello @Kevin_Basinger,


There is no driver by Prolific that works. As soon as the new driver is installed, it is replaced by the non-working version. If one knows how to disable this action by Win 11, maybe we will have a temporary solution.