Windows 11 power button requires double click

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The power button on the Windows 11 start menu requires a double click to open the shutdown/restart menu. It should open with one click.


Also, it would surely be better to keep the position of the power button on the left hand side of the start menu, where it has always been in the past, so that moving the cursor up from the Windows icon on the task bar is just a small movement. The new position on the extreme right means that you have to click on the Windows icon, then move your cursor 6 or 8 inches to the right to click on the power button. Whoever in Microsoft thought THAT was a good idea?! Why introduce change for its own sake, especially when it's actually a negative change.

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Of your post I agree with the Power Button position I personally prefer it at the left side(been used to it from older Windows OS versions), although I want this to be offered as an option(so we can have both right side and left side customization) so the idea would be that we can optionally flip/move the "name / user account" to the right side and have the buttons from "Personalized > Start > Folders" options to appear on the left side(being the opposite as we currently have). This would make those button options closer to the mouse after clicking the Start Menu button and not be far away all over to the right side corner.






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As to the Power Button "Double Click" it seems to be a bug because I have experienced it on my laptop - me looking at the screen of what seems to happen on the first click of the Power button is that it somehow sorta glitches the search bar first, then the second click finally works with the Power button -  so like I mention I do experience this sometimes on my Laptop however on my 2 Gaming Desktops it works as intended just one click on the power button. I have no ideas of what is causing that odd issue for requiring sometimes double clicking for the power button on my laptop.

I have this issue until now too, and I realise how the bugs showed, when I fresh boot my pc or restarting my pc, and first time click in the start menu and power button, it required to double click the power button to show the shut down or restart selection, after that only require one click the power button to show shut down and restart, I tried it a few times and I found out this issue, it always happens the first click of start menu after your pc boot, I'm really hope they can see this and fix it soon 

@Jonathan2095Completely agree. This behavior must be a bug -- I'm sure they would have added some sort of dynamic title to it to inform users who have single-clicked the button of the change. It feels broken to me.

@Jonathan2095 Have the same problem on both my 2yo HP laptop and ROG desktop. Both running Win 11 now.  I gave up trying to find a solution for a couple months when the laptop is the only one I had migrated to Win11. Then I migrated the desktop and its doing it there too. Apparently still no answers. Is Microsoft working on this? It doesn't seem rare (given your post and the replies) and it is so glaring a glitch in a part of the software that gets used a lot that I would have expected them to reply with a solution/workaround/etc.

Guess I'll be double clicking the thing for months to come ;)

(Of course if that's the worst thing that I have to deal with, I'll just keep hitting the left mouse button till I get to do the shutdown or sleep ...)

I am having the same issue on my ThinkPad X1 extreme. Very annoying.
Thank heavens I'm not the only one experiencing this! It's the "on mouse up" event that's not being triggered the first time it is attempted. Thanks for posting this. I hope an update in the near future fixes this annoyance.
Just wanted to throw my experience in there as well. I have the exact same issue as others on both computers that I have upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11. The issue is much like focus is locked on the search bar in the windows menu from start up and so the first click on Power options just “defocuses” the search bar with a visual effect. Then Power and search bar all appear to work normally until next reboot. If Power options is open, however, clicking away from the windows menu produces the same weird visual effect in the search bar as it refocuses. Definitely needs tuning.

One computer is a laptop, HP ZBook Studio G5 and the other a custom desktop (Z390-a, i7-9700K, 32gb DDR4 3200MHz, 1TB m.2, 2070 Super) so it appears to be affecting differing hardware.
Same issue here. Fresh install 2-3 months ago. Running beta build/ still no fix.

Reinstall did nothing*

-32gb ddr4

What i have found out if you right click on the power botton, the menu comes up instantly and then you can sleep, shut down or restart.

Yeah, thanks for the tip. I've been doing this as well, if/when fix is patched.
Power button om my PC does exactly the same - first click does nothing, then works as expected.

@darpeppe  Thanks. I tried that and it works - so I'll do that when I can.  Sadly it doesn't work for a touchscreen laptop. But on my desktop it works beautifully. Thanks !


Yes, that is true....but that's still 2 clicks.

MS- This is very annoying. It's 2022, and this ain't Linux.


Confirming this bug, and agreeing with wanting the power off button closer to the start button. And agreeing that modifying your UI to make the user work harder is a bad idea. Speaking of which, the start button default should clearly be at the bottom left so that the button is infinite in size in two dimensions... because that's easy for your users... I can just fling my mouse to the lower left without worrying about going too far.

WORKAROUND for the bug and the power button position: You can Right-Click the start button for a power off option with shorter mouse traversal!