Windows 11 Pen and Touch Setup Broken when multimonitor display setup has disabled monitor

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This is incredibly specific, but plagued me for some time. I have a desktop PC (not a laptop or tablet). I have 4 monitors in 2 different configurations. Configuration A is 2 monitors, main and secondary. Configuration B is main and 2 other monitors with my secondary monitor disabled. Configuration B is for flight sim purposes.


One of my extended monitors in configuration B has touch-screen capabilities. My primary monitor does not.


When I have a monitor disabled, my touch-screen only reflects inputs on my main monitor. The Tablet PC Settings 'Configure' option should identify which monitors have touch capability, but does not. Only when I have all monitors enabled can I successfully identify my touch-screen, non-main monitor, correctly as the touch screen device. 


The requested fix would be for the Tablet PC Settings 'Configure > Setup' process to correctly identify the touch-screen monitor even when a monitor is disabled. 

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