Windows 11 OTF fonts not working in Word

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None of the OTF fonts in Microsoft Word 365 are working and they are displaying as a generic font (i.e. Arial). The TTF fonts are working fine and the OTF fonts are working in Excel and other applications. Before the upgrade to Windows 11 they worked fine.

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More than a month, and a series of new builds but this problem remains - Word and Outlook seem to be affected, no problem in Powerpoint.


No response from Microsoft despite reporting on different fronts.


Converting OTF to TTF is a work around for the moment - but still ....

The issue is also discussed at Feedback Hub where it is happily ignored as well. The problem is only with OTF CFF fonts (cubic bezier). OTF TTF (quadratic bezier) fonts work correctly. It is a freakin pain, especially since the early Windows 11 dev builds did not have this issue and now the stable release is broken with no response or fix in sight.
Monitoring same problem on Windows 11. Only in Microsoft Word 365 fonts OTF not working. I hope Microsoft Team will fix it in short time.

@KostiaPC  I am having the same problem. I've posted on both MS and Adobe forums. No solutions so far.


I've uninstalled and reinstalled the fonts, uninstalled and reinstalled Office 365, and done in-place reinstalls of Windows 11 from iso files (keeping apps and data in place). Nothing has helped so far.


The only work around I've found is to search online for ttf versions of the otf fonts, or to use similar ttf fonts (e.g., Sabon Next ttf in place of Garamond Premier Pro otf) if I can't find the exact font in ttf form.


I haven't done it, but I believe there are free online converters by which one can convert otf to ttf files. Worth a try if you need a specific font that you can't fine in ttf format.