Windows 11 Network Connection Issue

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Windows 10 has been working great in our environment on hundreds of laptops without any issues in regards to networking, but the few machines we upgraded to Windows 11 within a week fail to connect to our network (they connect fine initially). Wireless system logs show when the machines stop working, they don't send a single packet to any access point. It connects to all other networks (open, PSK, etc) fine, just not our network that has RADIUS authentication.


Windows 10 devices connect to the same network, same access point, same wireless profile deployed from InTune, and same physical hardware (Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265) just fine. I can take a laptop having this issue and roll it back to Windows 10 and it will work fine again for over a month (probably longer, but I keep wiping it to re-test Windows 11).


If I re-image a machine with a fresh copy of Windows 11, it will work fine for about a week or two then do this again.



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