Windows 11 keyboard layout bug

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Like windows 10, windows 11 randomly switch keyboard layout to english.


How to reproduce :

Install Windows 11 with french keyboard layout only and do some reboots and updates that's all and easy to reproduce.


Behaviors : After some reboots windows will do 2 different things on itself :

Behavior 1:  in windows settings sometimes english layout suddenly appears ( I have to delete it in language settings).

Behavior 2: in windows password prompt randomly the keyboard could be even in english or french without any relationship with behavior 1 and could revert from french to english or english to french after reboots without any reason.

For information I take care to not use any shortcuts like ctrl+shift or alt+shift ( I know them but even if I want to use them the system is supposed to have only french keyboard layout).

In my company we use registry trick on windows 10 to solve this known issue and I am very surprised that even in the latest windows 11 version this bug is still present.

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Same as you. I`m on windows 11 build 22523.1000

same here, keyboard layout show up, after delete by ways, still show up after several times rebttong@ledjam38