Windows 11 Internet connectivity issues

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Starting around November 12th, I have noticed a severe issue with internet connectivity introduced in the latest Dev build of Windows 11.  Namely a reduction in wi-fi range, roughly half of what it previously was.  As a result, I can no longer connect to the internet wirelessly unless I am in the same room as my wi-fi router, roughly 12-18 feet away from it.  No other aspects of my wireless internet systems have changed, resetting the router does nothing, and Microsoft Support does not provide a chat window with which I can interact with a customer service representative (I have been stuck at position 1 in line for 45 minutes now).  Prior to this most recent build, both the wi-fi drivers and wizard were superior in behavior to the Windows 10 versions, but I have noticed numerous changes to the connectivity wizard that also make the troubleshooting process more cumbersome as well as less effective.

Anyone have any ideas, or is this a known issue that simply hasn't reached the lists I can find?

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