Windows 11 Hybrid Azure AD Join

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There appears to be an issue with the Azure Hybrid join on Windows 11. Everything seems to register fine but there are issues with the account on the local machine. I've run multiple tests with multiple configurations with the same results, and I don't have any issue with Windows 10 machines.


The first issue is with Windows Hello, it allows you to setup a pin number but when you try to use it it says the credentials could not be verified. The second issue is that it doesn't sign in to the windows store, and won't allow you to sign in with business credentials. There may be additional issues as well that I haven't run into yet, those are just the two that stick out.


If I do a full Azure AD join I don't have these issues, everything works as expected with the business account, but if I add the machine to the local domain and then Hybrid join, the account just doesn't seem to work right. I've gone through just about every troubleshooter I can find, and double and triple checked the Azure configurations.

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Similar or probably related issue over here: Azure Hybrid joined Windows 11 machines won't automatically sign in into OneDrive and Office 365. There is no problem with Windows 10 in the same setup: after logon the user gets automatically signed in into OneDrive and Office, but not on Windows 11. Tested with different versions of Windows 11, different versions of Office, different GPO settings: the problem always remains.
With a full Azure AD join, there is no problem. It seems like there is an issue with Windows 11 Hybrid Azure AD Join.

@pieterschepens What browser are you using? I'm using Edge and single sign-on is working, but I'm not sure if that's because I have my work profile added and Edge is handling it. SSO does not work with any other browser, or a guest profile on Edge. 

Are you having any issues with Microsoft Store or Windows Hello?

SSO works perfectly fine in the browser, regardless of the Windows version (10 or 11). The problem is within the OneDrive app and Office apps (Office 365 or Office 2019/2021 Enterprise, makes no difference) in Windows 11.

Microsoft Store or Windows Hello: we don't use Windows Hello and I haven't tried the Store yet. I'll do some more tests next week.
No issues with the Microsoft Store on Windows 11 hybrid Azure AD joined machines. SSO works in the browser, but not in the installed OneDrive and Office apps.
Ironically, the Office apps know that the user is logged on with his/her work account; when you choose to view your account from within an Office app, you are brought to your online profile page on, logged on.
On the account info page within the Office apps, under Account > Connected Services, there's a yellow alert saying "Can't display Online Services".

@pieterschepens On my end the office apps have logged in correctly and appear to be ok, it's just the store that won't log in, which prevents some apps from being downloaded.


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