Windows 11 Home Graphical issue while opening window

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Hi Microsoft!


I am experiencing an issue while opening some windows.

I just upgraded from Windows 10 Home to Windows 11 Home recently.

My PC meets all requirements to use Windows 11 Home. (even bigger)



While opening (while loading initial data) "This PC" or some other folders, sometimes, having black space for about less then 0.4 seconds at TabBar of the window.

Then after about 0.4 seconds everything is OK.

This is happening only sometimes, lets say if I open 10 times then having this issue 1-2 times.


I posted two screenshots. The one with black space is what I am talking about.


I am also a software developer.

Could it be because of :


void initFunction() async {

        dynamic result = checkFolderCache();


        if (result == null)





               // And an error is here  ->  Lateness of Data Loading







Sorry for disturbing!


Best wishes.

Saloxiddin Tursunaliev.


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