Windows 11 hidden taskbar not showing in some areas

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I have my taskbar on auto-hide mode. In order to make it show, I move my mouse cursor to hit the bottom of the screen and it will appear. However, this does not work when my cursor hits the bottom of the right side of the screen, approximately where the quick settings, date/time, and notification center is. This is about the rightmost 2 inches of the taskbar. Everywhere else, the taskbar appears properly. 


The only change to the settings I've made to my taskbar since I updated to Windows 11 was to align it to the left. 


Not sure how to fix this issue, but it's been bothering me since I change the volume a lot, and moving my mouse directly to the volume won't make the taskbar appear. 

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It annoys me too.  I did find out just now that if you left-click in the right corner it will pop up.  It doesn't seem like a satisfying solution, I know, but I look at it this that very corner you can dock your mouse cursor and the taskbar won't bother you?