Windows 11 -> Taskbar -> Several Taskbar-Buttons not working after cancelling shut-down

  1. I accidentally cancelled the process of my computer shutting down (by pressing a cancel-button)
  2. I was not able to see any of my files, nor my folders
  3. My background-image was replaced by a grey color
  4. But I was able to see my Taskbar
  5. After a few seconds, I was able to see my background, folders, and files again (let's just call it stuff)
  6. I was able to move my stuff to my second monitor (I dont know if my other Monitor was going through the same things, because I was just looking at my main monitor)
  7. Tried to click on the Windows- and Search-buttons several times, but the pop-up windows won't show up. And it doesn't show either, when I'm pressing the Windows-button on my keyboard
  8. I was able to open OBS and record the video for this bug
  9. After I tried to open explorer (even shown in Video 1) ) several times, my mouse cursor went into loading-cursor

I can't access my:

  1. Settings (neither through the Taskbar, nor through "Windows+I")
  2. Microsoft Store
  3. Mail
  4. Snipping tool
  5. Whiteboard
  6. Explorer (I get an Error, when I try to left-click it)
  7. Wifi/Sound-button
  8. Notifications

And I can't right-click any of my Taskbar-items either


But I am able to access my:

  1. Desktops
  2. Widgets
  3. On-screen Keyboard
  4. Task-Manager
  5. Up-arrow thing

I am also able to:

  • Use my Browser (OperaGX)
  • Use copy-paste (even by using my Keyboard)
  • Get a pop-up window, when I'm pressing "Windows+X" and launch Power Shell
  • Create a new Desktop
  • Open videos via my Browser, but not by using microsoft fotos


Everything worked fine again after shutting down my Computer via the log-in screen.

I also got 2 error screens, when trying to open Explorer, I made a video using my phone, but had troubles transferring it to my computer, after rebooting it, the file got corrupted, but I managed to convert it into a video, that still looks like it's corrupted.


Here's what I could identify:

1. Accurate:

Header: "Explorer.EXE"

"Systemaufruf ist fehlgeschlagen" (System call failed)


2. Not accurate:

Header: "C:\Users\Appdata\Roaming\(can't identify the rest)"

"Die Datei ist keine App zum ausführen dieser Aktion zuge_____. Installieren sie eine App, oder erstellen Sie auf den Einstellungs________ für Standard-Apps eine Zu______, wenn bereits eine App installiert ist." (The File ist not an application to run this action cancelled. Install an App or create one on the Settings________ for standard-apps a _____, if an app is already  installed)


Sorry for any grammatical errors, I might have done in this bug report

Hope these informations can help

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