Windows 11 file explorer multi select lag

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I recently installed windows 11 on my laptop and it's working properly and smoothly, except for two places i noticed .

First is i am noticing heavy lags when select multiple files in file explorer or even when navigating my files using keyboard .

Second one is i am facing a long latency when accessing right mouse buttons menu in desktop and also file explorer.

Ps: animations are working smoothly in task bar for example and no issue noticed in other places.
Any suggestions of fixes?
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@Ahmad_daly I have the same issues but a workaround I found online is to press F11 to enter full screen mode in file explorer.


This removes the lag problem but the downside is that it takes one whole screen so if you're on a laptop or single monitor it may not be practical for you.


A third party file explorer is another option until Microsoft gets this problem fixed.