Windows 11 Emoji Display Bug

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This web site here: https://🤴🏼.tk/


It should display that king emoji above the text. In Chrome and Edge on Windows 11 it displays nothing unless you reduce the zoom below 100%. (Edge you have to go down below 75%) In Firefox it displays fine.


On Windows 11 Sandbox Edge it won't display at 100%.


On Windows 10 LTSC in Hyper-V it displays fine.


On Windows Server it displays fine.


And it displayed fine on my Windows 10 install before I upgraded last week.


Obviously Windows 11 has the new emoji set, which are very different from the older Windows 10 ones, but it should not cause the emoji not to display at large sizes.


What's weird is that it only seems to affect emojis that use ligatures (the king emoji I use is a combination between king and light skin color) I guess, because this guy's site I host works fine: <-- note that this forum refuses to display this link correctly, it also has an emoji rendering bug. It replaces the emojis with text ("pile of poo"), yet in the editor it replaces them with image files of the emojis and doesn't render the actual emojis. Also it replaces the anchor with the punycode equivalent. Ugh. [you can see the link by going to the artist's Twitter page and copy/paste the link - Twitter has changed the underlying anchor into its punycode equivalent too - ]


I confirmed with other people running Windows 11 and most of them are seeing the same or similar behaviour. There is a bug in the way Windows 11 renders emojis with ligatures. How do I file an official bug report for this?

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