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I've noticed that with Windows 11 (I'm using Surface Pro 7) while double tapping on a folder to open it, or a file while in file explorer, the folder or file does not open.  This issue can be replicated while using the surface pen or your finger on the touch screen.


The only way to open the file or folder is to hold your finger or surface pen on the desired folder or file so as to right click it and then select open.


Is anyone else having this issue?

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Test: Open file explorer, then drive on the side bar....then try and double tap a folder or file with your finger or surface will see nothing happens
Yes, I have same issue. No fix found (yet).

@blackjack1031 I´ve got the same problem and probably found a solution. Use a double double tap (tap, tap- tap, tap). Then it works with a little delay. But hope they fix it soon.

@joschonline +1 for me, i usualy tap as many times it needs to open, but that's not a solution and it should get fixed. I searched around, and found only this thread - maybe it's a very rare problem?


Surface Pro 6, i5, 8Gb, 256. No clean install of windows 11 but upgrade directly with windows update from 10

@tubear  I ended up redownloading windows 10 and making a bootable USB from Surface website and doing a image recovery as though I received the Surface from stock.  I took all of my computers and moved them back to windows 10.  I am highly unsatsified with windows 11 and dont think I will be upgrading anytime soon.  I plan on staying on Windows 10 until 2025 when its forced.

From all the issues, I just reverted back to Windows 10. If you have a surface you can redonwload the recovery image, made a bootable USB, wiped everything, reinstalled windows 10 and the apps. Wtih all of the issues and no fixes, Windows 11 is not worth it. Plus I prefer the Windows 10 UI. You can get your recovery image here for Windows 10
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Having the exact same problem on a Surface 6 Pro. I'll revert to Windows 10 once again. (This is the second time I upgrade). With all the noise about how Windows 11 is better for touchscreens, I expected much better. Maybe in a year they'll get it right.


The upgrade to windows 11 is not worth it. Hopefully someone at Microsoft is reading this post and all of these replies and comments
I have this same problem
I had the same problem after upgrading to windows 11. I dug around and found the double click speed setting for the "mouse properties" settings.
if you set it to the slowest double click settings, then you can open folders with your pen and finger.
It's under "Bluetooth & devices", "mouse", and "additional mouse settings"