Windows 11 don't remember Microphone Enable audio enhancements setting

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Hello, let me introduce my problem. I have got headphones - Anker Soundcore Life Q30.


When the microphone is active, the sound quality is bad. On Windows 10 I could choose, if I want to use Headset (with Mic) or Headphones (without Mic). On Windows 11, this is new and it can switch automatically, based if the Mic is used by any app.


After I disabled all apps in Microphone privacy settings and disabled enhancements, the sound is really good and microphone is not beeing used. But everytime I disconnect and connect the headphones, the microphone is used by Windows host process, which I can't disable.


I have to go to Sounds->Recording->Microphone->Advanced and Check Enable audio enhancements, Apply, then Uncheck Enable audio enhancements, Apply. After this, the sound is good again. 


Is it possible to keep audio enhancements always disabled, so I don't have to do this switch?

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