windows 11 detecting 2nd Display even if monitor is turned off

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windows 11 detecting 2nd monitor/display even if the monitor/TV is turned off.


Device Used :

Laptop: Mi Notebook 14Horizon Edition 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i7

2nd Display: Redmi Smart TV X50 (4K UHD TV 50 Inch)


Steps to replicate:
1. Connect the TV as a second display with HDMI Cable.

2. In-display setting select to extend the display.

3. Turn off the lap and TV after completing your work

4. Start the laptop only. do not start TV/2nd Monitor leave it as it is (switched off)

5. Now some of the application screens will not display on the laptop screen. it is still pointing to TV/Monitor which is in switched off mode right now.


Expected Behaviour: It should automatically detect if the 2nd device is turned off and move all displays to the laptop main screen.


Workaround : 

Option 1: remove HDMI cable from laptop HDMI Port

Option 2: go to the display setting and set it to display only on the laptop screen


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