Windows 11 crashing and becoming unusable after deleting icon cache

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If you delete the IconCache.db , Windows 11 explorer.exe becomes inoperable and does not improve even if you restart it. It doesn't work in taskbar.

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Exactly what I are being through now. I did not delete the icon cache at all and it just happened all of a sudden. This is really serious bug. 


I have tried every things I can, restarted explorer, restarted the device, run clean-up image, run sfc /scan, but all failed. I am so desperate now and thinking of return back to Win10.


Do you figure out any way to get it back to normal?


@Lewis_Lau Unfortunately I couldn't find a solution. I reinstalled Windows 10. I had to take my backups via cmd and it was very difficult, I lost most of my files.

@Okan_Bakirci Sorry to hear that. Lossing data is one of the most terrible things. 
I just saw another post regarding the same issue, it works bassically, and now i can open the Settings and roll back the newest update in the normal way. FYI,, wish we saw it earlier.